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Who are you?

My name’s Chris and I love playing board games. I guess you could call it an obsession, since I’m constantly reading/watching game reviews and thinking about which new game I want to add to my collection. I even have a spreadsheet. (Yes, really.)

What’s the purpose of this blog?

I’m a big believer in matching the right people to the right games.

But choosing the perfect game can sometimes be a challenge, since each person has their own unique preference. Some like “light” games that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Others prefer “heavy” strategy games that require several hours to finish. And of course, there’s everyone else in-between.

So how do you decide what game to buy? How do you figure out which games are most suitable for you or your group? And with literally thousands of games released every year, how can you be sure which ones are any good?

That’s why I created this blog. My goal is to help game enthusiasts like yourself discover new games and figure out which ones you might actually enjoy. I especially have a passion for introducing new games to families, which is why I have so many suggestions for families on my recommendations page.

Just what exactly is a “gateway game”?

Among the board game community, there are certain games affectionately known as gateway games (you’ll probably notice I like to use this term in many of my reviews). This includes titles such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, or Ticket to Ride. And there are dozens of other ones that would also qualify as gateway games.

What makes these sorts of games stand out from the rest is that they’re fun and easy to learn for non-gamers. These games don’t require a high level of skill or strategy and yet they can be incredibly addicting at the same time. They are often very family-friendly, so even your kids (ages 8+) can join in on the fun. But make no mistake, they can also be enjoyed by the most devout of tabletop players! (Have you ever heard of the Catan Championships?)


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